Tiptastic Tuesday: Have a Stress Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away and often times, the cooking combined with family can translate into an extremely stressful day.  If you’re hosting this year, don’t worry, we have put together a few tips to help make turkey day stress-free:

  • Prepare ahead of time.  Preparing dishes (as much as you can) before will allow you to spend more time with your family.
  • Don’t take too much on your own. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask a family member to help you cook or assist in doing chores.
  • Be creative. Feel free to add personal touches to your table setting. Tip: drape the table in a bright runner instead of a white tablecloth, it’ll be cheaper and easier to clean up!
  • Honor your guests. Separate those family members who don’t mix well and steer clear of certain subjects such as sex, money, politics, and religion that make people uncomfortable.
  • Use Thanksgiving day as a learning opportunity.There is no doubt that you will learn certain tricks and tips after cooking all that delicious food.  Embrace it!

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