Docs Test Google Glass

Google Glass is more than meets the eye. They look like any ordinary pair of spectacles but are equipped with a small camera for video and photos with a screen displayed in the upper right hand corner that has the same features as a smart phone. Yale-New Haven and Hartford Hospital have received the devices in hopes of improving communication in the emergency department to help save lives. They are currently using Google Glass inside of simulation centers where they practice on mannequins before they advance to using it in an actual procedure.

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CT Health IT Investments

As the Obama Administration threatens to penalize healthcare providers that do not use electronic medical records by 2015, hospital officials say the total costs of investing in technology are straining their bottom lines.  According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CT healthcare providers have been funded $161 million in federal health IT funds since 2011.  While this seems to be a large figure, it does not cover the total costs of investing in technology.

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Medical Research Confronts Information Age: Part II

The HMS blog shared with our readers the first part of a two part-series on The Connecticut Mirror and WNPR partnered on in an effort to highlight into the challenges the New England Journal of Medicine faces as a result of modern technology and healthcare reform, which has called for more transparency.

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U.S. Among Leaders In Health IT

When it comes to health information technology adoption and use, the United States is among the worldwide leaders.

According to new research by Accenture, about half of all specialists and primary care doctors in the U.S. are using the technology.  The management and technology research and consulting group interviewed physicians and health IT leaders from eight countries, including the United States, to determine how mature use is among health care organizations in each nation.

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