CT Health Exchange Organizes Free Information Sessions

The Connecticut health insurance exchange is holding free events in hopes to educate communities on how the Affordable Care Act operates. Access Health CT, the official health insurance exchange of Connecticut, will provide information on health insurance savings, enrollment and various other topics. It is anticipated more than 340,000 Connecticut residents are planning to participate in the exchange, making free information sessions an effective tool in advising residents of their new insurance options.

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Revenue Cycle Management Series: Appointment Scheduling

It’s important to understand the impact appointment scheduling can have on the revenue cycle process.  Since scheduling is the first contact a patient has with the office, it’s crucial the experience be a positive one. Staff responsible for scheduling appointments must be friendly, helpful as well as knowledgeable.  Here are some guidelines to ensure appointment scheduling goes smoothly.

  • Information Gathering: Be sure to collect the patient’s name, contact information, insurance coverage and purpose of the visit.
  • Verify Coverage: Patient insurance information should be verified before the first visit.
  • Ask Questions: Attempt to determine the payer responsible for the services.
  • Financial Obligations: Communicate patient financial responsibilities up front, including copay and co insurance benefits for out of network providers.
  • Insurance & Demographics: Many services require prior approval from the insurance carrier in order for the service to be reimbursed. Following this step is important to ensure a claim won’t be denied.

Appointment scheduling is also a critical time to effectively manage the providers schedule by identifying the reasons for services and organizing the schedule to maximize efficiency of patient flow for the day.  Following these simple steps can maximize revenue and reduce the risk of patients not showing up for appointments

Stay tuned for the next installment of the HMS Healthcare Management Solutions Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management series when we will explore the registration process.