CMS To Delay Rate Cuts To Physicians

CMS has said that it will hold physician claims for 14 calendar days and delay the 21% rate cuts that are otherwise set to take effect Wednesday. Last week, the Senate recessed without acting on H.R. 2, which has been approved by the House already. Senate officials want to reassure everyone that the two-week delay will not impact doctors. The Senate will have only two days to act on the bill before the rate cuts take chunks out of payments sent to doctors. The Senate reconvenes on April 13.

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Docs Await Decrease In Medicare Rates

Doctors participating in Medicare are just days away from a large decrease in pay rates as Congress works against the clock to come up with a temporary solution. President Obama returned from vacation in Hawaii to meet with Congress to make one final attempt to avoid huge tax hikes and spending cuts in the New Year. There is currently no deal in place to stop a 26.5% cut under the sustainable growth rate formula, even as lawmakers pledged to prevent the decrease before it hits on January 1.

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Steps Toward Permanent Medicare Doc Fix

A bipartisan measure, introduced yesterday would reform how Medicare pays healthcare providers and to avoid a cut to reimbursement rates on January 1, 2013.

The proposal would repeal Medicare’s current reimbursement formula and replace it with a new system of payment models. It would also give doctors small boosts in payment rates for four years.

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