Long Term Care Costs Continue To Rise

According to a recent report by Genworth Financial, the cost of long-term care is rising. The findings show the daily cost of a private room in a nursing home at $230 a day compared to $115 a day at an assisted-living facility. Those able to receive home care homes will pay an average of $19 an hour for a licensed home health aide.

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Independent Or Assisted Living: Know The Difference

HMS Healthcare Management SolutionsThe controversy surrounding the refusal of an employee to perform CPR on an elderly resident at an independent living facility because it violated company policy highlights the varying medical care different types of elderly housing provide — differences that consumers may not always be aware of.

Independent facilities, senior-housing complexes in which residents pay rent in exchange for living quarters and other services, are not regulated, while assisted living and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)  are both regulated and licensed.

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