30,000 CT Residents Could Lose Coverage Or Subsidies Next Month

Access Health CT’s acting CEO recently said that as many as 30,000 customers of the state’s health insurance exchange could lose coverage or see a drop next month in the subsidies used to discount their premiums due to not submitting the information needed to verify their coverage. The changes taking effect on December 1 could affect more than 10 percent of Connecticut residents who signed up for private insurance or Medicaid through the exchange. The exchange has implemented a process to adjust or cut off coverage for those who have not addressed discrepancies related to their income or citizenship information they provided when applying for coverage. Although the federal health law allows people to receive coverage and financial assistance based on the information they provided, they must provide documentation to support it within 90 days. If verification is not received, the amount of financial assistance the person receives may be reduced or coverage may be cut off. The exchange will check the information of the 30,000 customers over the next week.

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Inaccurate Pricing Info on Access Health CT Website

Officials have discovered that when the Access Health CT website went live on October 1, the website contained inaccurate pricing information.  The staff at the exchange was aware of the incorrect information when the site went live but Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and Access Health CT CEO Kevin Counihan did not mention it when asked about pricing information.  The inaccuracies regarding deducticles and co-insurance rates impacting all 19 health plans were discovered on September 26.  Counihan notified the Connecticut Insurance Department about the problem and it was then that officials decided to place a warning on three locations on the site.  The problem could have impacted around 2,400 residents who signed up through the website.  It is unclear how and why incorrect information was coded into the system. Shopping screens were corrected by October 30th.

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CT Health Exchange Organizes Free Information Sessions

The Connecticut health insurance exchange is holding free events in hopes to educate communities on how the Affordable Care Act operates. Access Health CT, the official health insurance exchange of Connecticut, will provide information on health insurance savings, enrollment and various other topics. It is anticipated more than 340,000 Connecticut residents are planning to participate in the exchange, making free information sessions an effective tool in advising residents of their new insurance options.

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Insurance Premium Rates Under the ACA

Beginning next year, people will have the option to purchase insurance under the official health insurance exchange in Connecticut called, Access Health CT. Enrollment opens October 1st and will offer coverage that will take effect as soon as January 1st.  Customers buying insurance through the exchange will have three plans to choose from—bronze, silver and gold. Premiums vary on benefit and out of pocket costs. Many people who buy insurance through Access Health are expected to qualify for discounted rates, subsidized by the federal government. Subsidies are based on age and income level. An analysis done by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that about 48 percent of individual adults’ purchasing coverage for themselves will be eligible for subsidies next year. While not everyone is eligible to receive health insurance through Access Health CT, anyone can use the marketplace to find and enroll in a plan that fits their needs.

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Access Health CT Exchange Rates

Access Health CT, Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace recently released a spreadsheet that allows consumers to calculate how much they would be paying for health insurance according to which plan they preferred. The base premium rates are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze which are categorized in different levels of care. Some may qualify for a government subsidy based on household income which would offset the premium rate.

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CT Health Insurance Exchange Enrollment

Health insurance exchanges will be setup for enrollment in Connecticut as well as the nation on Oct. 1. The exchanges will be accessible over the phone, online or in person at one of six Access Health CT storefronts that will attract nearly 100,000 CT residents in the first year. Advertisements are expected on the television, radio and in newspapers. It is expected that getting through the application will take roughly one hour to complete.

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Connecticut Wasting No Time Enrolling Uninsured In Marketplace

Connecticut is wasting no time enrolling uninsured residents in the state’s new online health insurance marketplace Access Health CT.  Marketplaces, created under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA), are set to open nationwide October 1 and are key to expanding health coverage to millions of individuals and small businesses.

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