Study: Increase Patient Activation To Cut Costs & Improve Outcomes

Increased levels of patient engagement through patient activation may improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs, according to a new study published in Health Affairs. Researchers analyzed patient activation levels for more than 32,000 adult patients at Minnesota’s Fairview Health Services under the Patient Activation Measure, a “metric used to quantify a person’s knowledge, skills, and confidence in managing one’s own health and healthcare” on a scale of one to four. Researchers found patients with higher levels of activation demonstrated nine out of 13 improved healthcare outcomes. Lower activation levels were associated with significantly reduced chances of positive outcomes for seven of 13 measures compared to patients who remained at level four. The research team also found activation had similar effects on billed costs. Patients with the highest levels of activation had projected costs 31 percent lower than those at the lowest activation levels. Additionally, costs increased or decreased as patients’ activation levels changed.

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