CMS Posts Proposed Revisions To The Hospice Cost Report For Hospital-Based Agencies

CMS has recently posted the proposed revisions to the hospital-based hospice costs report. Click here to see them.

Last month, CMS published notice in the Federal Register that proposed revisions to the Hospital/Hospital Health Care Complex Cost Report will be made available for review, and provided a 60-day period for submission of public comments on the changes. Once the 60-day comment period closes, it is expected that the agency will announce a second, 30-day public comment period. CMS is now determining whether to extend its comment period, which is scheduled to remain open until April 7.

NAHC and its affiliate, the Hospice Association of America (HAA) is planning to submit comments on the proposed revisions.

CMS has been revising cost reporting requirements for hospices in an effort to secure more detailed data from hospice programs to support payment reform. The first set of revisions (applicable to freestanding hospices) greatly expanded reporting requirements and became effective with cost reporting years beginning on or after October 1, 2014.

Once CMS reviews the public comments, it will issue final revisions to the Hospital/Hospital Health Care Complex Cost Report as a regulatory transmittal. The comment process is expected to take a minimum of three months.

Click here to read more.


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