HHS: Value-Based Payments Future Of Healthcare In America

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it was planning on fundamentally changing the way it pays providers for treating Medicare patients. The primary intent is to cut down on the volume of duplicative procedures while improving care coordination and patient outcomes. For the first time, HHS is “setting clear goals–and establishing a clear timeline–for moving from volume to value in Medicare payments” and “will use benchmarks and metrics” to measure progress.

Following this announcement, Patrick Conway, M.D., deputy administrator for innovation and quality and the chief medical officer at CMS, said the agency will tie 30 percent of all fee-for-service provider payments to quality initiatives through alternative payment models, particularly ACOs and bundled payments by 2016. This number will increase to 50 percent by 2018. Currently, about 20 percent of Medicare FFS payments are through new payment models. CMS intends to accelerate the program through expansion of current payment models, such as Pioneer and ACO programs, as well as emerging models, including bundled payments for oncology care.

Click here to see the HHS announcement.

Click here to read more.


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