Attention Hospices: CMS Conversion Of IACS To EIDM System

We have recently been notified by NAHC that CMS is transitioning the IACS system (through which providers gain access to their P S & R reports) to EIDM on February 9. Due to the new requirement that hospice providers calculate and self report their 2014 cap by March 31 (but secure their data from the P S & R no sooner than January 31), NAHC has been advising hospice providers to ensure that they are “active” in the IACS system so that they can access their P S & R beginning January 31. Click here for more information on hospice self-reporting. With the pending transition, it is important that hospice providers confirm they are in active status in the system. Click here for guidance from CMS.

Please note that CGS has advised if a providers password has not been changed (within the last 10 days) that the provider should log in and change the password by TODAY, JANUARY 26 to protect against password issues arising in EIDM. Click here to see the CGS notice.

In related news, NAHC says it is continuing to await release of the spreadsheet and guidance related to calculation of hospice providers’ aggregate caps.


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