Tiptastic Tuesday: When Should Home Health Agencies Begin To Use The OASIS-C1/ICD-9 Data Set?

We have recently received information from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice regarding the use of the OASIS-C1/ICD-9 data set. The M0090 date for all assessments (SOC, ROC, Recertification, Other Follow-Up, Transfer, Death at Home and Discharge) determines which version of OASIS must be completed.

If the M0090, Date Assessment Completed is 12/31/2014 or before, use the OASIS-C data set. If the M0090, Date Assessment Completed is 01/01/2015 or after, use the OASIS-C1/ICD-9 data set.

Note:  If an assessment is completed on or before 12/31/2014, utilizing the OASIS-C data set and the assessing clinician chooses to reassess one or more OASIS items on or after 01/01/2015 during the allowed timeframe for data collection (for example: within 5 days after the SOC, within 2 days of the ROC or DC), this would change the M0090 date and the OASIS-C1/ICD-9 data set must be completed instead of the OASIS-C.


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