State Operations Manual For Home Health Agencies Has Been Updated

CMS has released Transmittal 125, which revises the State Operations Manual (SOM), chapter 2, sections 2180 through 2202.19. These sections govern CMS’ policy for home health agencies. The transmittal updates the SOM with revisions to chapter 2 that were issued earlier this year in a Survey and Certification letter. The letter included instructions for home health agency alternate sanctions, which has been incorporated into the SOM as chapter 10, and revised Appendix B, Guidance to Surveyors-Home Health Agencies.

The revision to chapter 2 reflects CMS policy changes that have occurred over the years, and also includes structural changes and reorganization of sections for clarity. The following are some of the key changes:

  • Revised web sites and policy information;
  • Sections on HHA branches have been renamed and revised to clarify current CMS policy on branches;
  • Sections that are no longer applicable have been deleted;
  • The survey process information has been deleted from this Chapter and updated and moved to Appendix B Guidance to Surveyors – Home Health Agencies; and
  • The OASIS requirements in sections 2202-2202.18 have been updated to reflect current CMS policy and Federal regulations.

Click here to read more from NAHC.


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