EHR Incentive Program Blog Series: An Introduction

During the month of December, HMS Healthcare Management Solutions, Inc. will kick off our latest blog series on the EHR Incentive Program for certain healthcare providers. In this introduction, we’ll provide background information on the CMS program.

The EHR Incentive Program provides incentive payments for certain healthcare providers that use EHR technology in ways that positively affect patient care. An electronic health record (EHR), sometimes called an electronic medical record (EMR), allows providers to record patient information electronically instead of relying on paper records. It’s important to note that EHRs are capable of doing more than recording information. The EHR Incentive Program asks providers to use the capabilities to achieve benchmarks that can lead to improved patient care. However, it is not an reimbursement program for purchasing or replacing an EHR and providers must meet specific requirements in order to receive incentive payments.

Stay tuned to the HMS blog as we delve deeper into the EHR Incentive Program, its requirements and its impact on providers.


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