ICD-10 Implementation Is Less Than A Year Away: What You Need To Do To Be Ready Part IV

In this installment of the ICD-10 Implementation Is Less Than A Year Away: What You Need To Do To Be Ready series, we’ll take a look at other key steps providers should take before the go-live date.

A few months before you go-live, confirm with system vendors that changes and upgrades have been completed. Determine the level of support you’ll need for go-live and who the main point of contact will be if issues arise. Also, finalize other changes that have not yet been completed. At this point, you should also conduct ICD-10 transaction testing and make modifications in response to the results of the systems testing.

Right before you go-live, provide intensive ICD-10 education to coding staff. Training should be conducted by an individual who has already become ICD-10 certified. Training can include classroom training, self-directed learning using printed or electronic materials, and audio or web-based programs. Remember not all coding staff will require the same type or amount of ICD-10 education. For example, coding staff working for a physician practice medical specialty area should focus on code categories most applicable to their particular patient mix. During this time, you should also continue assessing the quality of medical record documentation and implement document improvement strategies as needed.

Lastly, get ready to go live with ICD-10 for dates of service on or after October 1, 2015. Claims for services provided on or after this date must use ICD-10 for diagnoses. CMS has advised that there will be no extension or grace period and that noncompliant claims will be rejected.

We’ll post our final installment of our ICD-10 series tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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