Report: Florida Has Worst Physician Shortage In Country

According to a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Florida has the worst physician shortage in the country. Areas and population groups with a population-to-provider ratio of 3,500-to-one (or 3,000-to-one in areas of high need) are designed health professional shortage areas (HPSAs), according to experts. The Kaiser Family Foundation report found approximately 6,100 HPSAs nationwide. Florida has more than 252 primary care HPSA designations and meets less than 45 percent of the state’s overall need. Other states with high HPSAs include California, New York, Texas and Illinois. Is it important to note, however, that the report does not account for additional primary care that physician assistants or nurse practitioners could provide-two groups that are often suggested as a way to offset the shortage.

Click here to see the report.

Click here to read more.


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