30,000 CT Residents Could Lose Coverage Or Subsidies Next Month

Access Health CT’s acting CEO recently said that as many as 30,000 customers of the state’s health insurance exchange could lose coverage or see a drop next month in the subsidies used to discount their premiums due to not submitting the information needed to verify their coverage. The changes taking effect on December 1 could affect more than 10 percent of Connecticut residents who signed up for private insurance or Medicaid through the exchange. The exchange has implemented a process to adjust or cut off coverage for those who have not addressed discrepancies related to their income or citizenship information they provided when applying for coverage. Although the federal health law allows people to receive coverage and financial assistance based on the information they provided, they must provide documentation to support it within 90 days. If verification is not received, the amount of financial assistance the person receives may be reduced or coverage may be cut off. The exchange will check the information of the 30,000 customers over the next week.

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