Tiptastic Tuesday: 5 Protocols For Healthcare Workers Dealing With Ebola

The CDC recommends a protocol for hospitals and healthcare workers to follow when they deal with a known or suspected case of Ebola. Here are some key points from the federal recommendations:

  1. How to handle personal equipment. Everyone entering the room must wear personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE must consist of gloves, a fluid-resistant gown, goggles and a face mask. Additional safety measures include doubling up on gloves and wearing disposable shoes and leg coverings. The PPE should be carefully removed and thrown away.
  2. Isolation. The patient must be placed in a single room with its own bathroom and door that closes. Hospitals must keep a log of everyone who goes into the room and use plastic covering on mattresses and pillows.
  3. Needles must be kept at a minimum. When needles are used, they should be handled with extreme caution.
  4. How to monitor for possible infection. Anyone who develops the symptoms of Ebola, including fever, muscle weakness or pain, vomiting or diarrhea should stop working and seek a medical evaluation.
  5. How to prepare the dead body of an infected individual. The body of an infected person should be wrapped in plastic shroud and any intravenous lines or tubes in the body should be left in place. The body must also be wrapped and placed in two leak-proof plastic bags.

Click here to view all the recommendations from the CDC.

Click here to read more.


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