Tiptastic Tuesday: How To Quickly And Securely Revalidate Your Medicare Enrollment


If you’ve received a yellow envelope containing a request to revalidate, prevent payment hold and deactivation by responding quickly. Submit a completed revalidation application as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days from the postmark date on the revalidation request letter.

Here’s how:

Use PECOS to submit your revalidation via the Internet-based secure Provider Enrollment Chain & Ownership (PECOS) rather than a CMS-855 paper application. The process is as easy as verifying your information in PECOS, making changes where needed, uploading supporting documents, and signing the application electronically.

If you’ve never used PECOS or haven’t accessed PECOS lately, here’s a tip:

Learn how to get started and revalidate in PECOS. Attend upcoming training events to learn more about the revalidation process and how to submit a revalidation application via PECOS or the CMS-855 paper application. You can register by accessing the NGS website here, then select the quick Link “Register for Training.”


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