Anthem, Hartford HealthCare Reach A Deal

Late last week, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Hartford HealthCare announced that they had reached an agreement on a new contract, allowing the five hospitals under Hartford Healthcare to return to the insurer’s network. As we previously reported, Anthem and Hartford HealthCare were unable to reach a deal before their contract expired. A joint statement released by the two companies did not disclose specific details of the new contract. However, it say it was a multi-year agreement and that the hospitals’ return to Anthem’s network was effective October 1. A main sticking point for Anthem was its focus to tie more of the hospitals’ pay to performance, part of a movement in healthcare to reward providers based on patient outcomes and care quality. The new agreement will also broaden an existing program aimed at improving coordination of patients’ care. The companies also plan to “implement a chronic care program for patients with complex conditions and work on ways to integrate behavioral healthcare into Hartford HealthCare’s primary care settings.”

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