2014 NGSConnex Recertification Process

NGS will be conducting a mandatory recertification for all NGSConnex Local Security Officers (LSOs) and users. This process is required by CMS to maintain security of data and failure to comply in the recertification process will result in access cancellation.

Process Details

  1. LSOs will receive an email asking them to enter their supervisor’s information in NGSConnex.
  2. National Government Services will send the supervisor an email with a recertification code(s) asking them to verify that LSO is still the correct individual and forward the email to them.
  3. The LSO will enter the code for themselves and for their users.

Key Dates

  1. Recertification period is October – November 2014
  2. LSOs will receive the email requesting the supervisor submission early October
  3. Supervisor emails with codes sent 10/15/2014 – 11/30/2014

5 thoughts on “2014 NGSConnex Recertification Process

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  2. Today is November 18 and I have not received an email containing the recertification code(s) so I can verify that my LSO is still the correct. What can I do to get this recertification code?

    • Hi Donna, thank you for your question. Normally, NGS Connex will send you the codes. When they don’t, you should go ahead and contact NGS Connex directly. You may have not added your email information for them to email you the new codes.

  3. It is Feb 18, 2015 and I am trying to use NGX-Connex webiste. My account has been inactivated because I did not re-certify in 2014. This is the first time I am hearing about this!!

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