Has The ACA Helped Young People Get Mental Health Treatment?

According to a study published in the September issue of Health Affairs, young adults are getting more help with mental health issues because of the ACA provision which allows them to stay on their parents’ insurance until they turn 26. Before 2010, a little over 30 percent of young adults with mental issues were getting treatment. In the two years since the ACA provision, that number went up by 2 percent, according to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Although it’s not much of an increase, it gives researchers some evidence that the ACA provision is at least partly responsible. Since it took effect, uninsured visits to mental health care providers went down by 12.4 percent and the number of visits paid by private insurance increased by 12.9 percent. However, one thing that didn’t change was the number of young people getting treatment for substance abuse. Researchers believe young people with substance abuse issues are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system than with mental health providers.

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