Walmart To Run Its Own Primary Care Clinics

The largest U.S. retail chain, Walmart, is changing its healthcare strategy by installing and running its own primary care clinics. In the past, Walmart has sold prescription drugs, co-branded a Medicare drug plan and has partnered with hospitals and providers to open approximately 100 walk-in clinics. Now, Walmart is going to be a “quasi-provider” itself by opening six in-store Walmart Care Clinics in Texas and South Carolina, with plans for several more this year. The new clinics will offer access to nurse practitioners for $40 ($4 for the company’s insured employees) and dozens of low-cost lab tests. The prices are aimed at “setting a new retail price in the healthcare industry.” Visits with an NP for uninsured or privately insured patients will be $40. The clinics will also accept Medicaid and fee-for-service Medicare. The company hopes to attract price-sensitive lower-income and uninsured populations.

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