Tiptastic Tuesday: 3 Reasons Patient Satisfaction Is More Important Than Ever

According to leading health reform experts, patient satisfaction is becoming an increasingly important topic in healthcare. In the future, patient satisfaction’s prominence in healthcare will increase due to three key drivers:

  1. Increased focus on digital health and social media: Patient satisfaction will be heavily influenced by providers’ ability to satisfy patients with a clear social media strategy, interactive, personalized websites and connectivity between electronic health records and personal health records.
  2. Insurance coverage changes: In the future, employers will pass purchasing accountability on to employees. Data reported by plans and hospitals, connected through social media will impact how patients access their providers and select their coverage.
  3. Analytics correlating to patient experience and cost and outcomes: Because it is now possible to analyze the effect of patient satisfaction efforts in large databases, “consumers will know which treatment options correlate with which outcomes and their experience will become increasingly contingent on diagnostic accuracy and treatment options.”

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