Study: Employees More Stressed At Home Than While At Work

According to new research from Pennsylvania State University, people have significantly lower stress levels when they are at the office than they do while at home. Researchers tested the cortisol levels of 122 workers during the workday and on weekends and found that cortisol, a biological marker for stress, was much lower when the person was at work than when he or she went home. The research suggests that for many people, the workplace can be a “haven away from life’s daily problems.” The pressures of work and family responsiblities at home may cause people to feel more stress. The findings also suggest that work may be good for people: being in the moment at work means one is focusing on a task, completing the task, and socializing with co-workers, which all work together to lower stress levels. Interestingly, women reported higher levels of happiness at work than men did, suggesting women have more to do at home at the end of workday than men and that they may even like their jobs more than men.

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