Tiptastic Tuesday: 3 Ways to Boost Patient Engagement

According to a new brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, successful patient engagement requires three essential components: transparency, engagement, and collaboration. The brief states that patient engagement “means motivating and empowering patients to work with clinicians-to be active participants in their care by asking questions, knowing their medications and medical history, bringing friends or relatives to appointments for support, and learning about care that may be unnecessary. It can also mean giving them a seat at the table to improve the care that hospitals and doctors’ offices provide.”

  1. Transparency: Increased transparency helps patients understand the system and how it works. Clear expectations, structured meetings, and asking patients for feedback through meeting evaluations increases patient satisfaction.
  2. Engagement: Patients who are involved in their own care are better at communicating their own needs. Ask patients for feedback and emphasize the importance of strong patient-physician relations.
  3. Collaboration: Providers can increase patient engagement by offering workshops that assist patients with management strategies for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart conditions, and obesity.

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