Tiptastic Tuesday: This Year’s Top 6 Food Trends

Healthy foods are always a good idea-trendy or not. Here are this year’s top food trends.

  1. Clean eating: Clean eating is the new buzzword for healthy. It means eating more vegetables, less meat, less sodium, watching your alcohol intake, limiting processed foods and choosing whole grains.
  2. Trash fish: This is the fish that is caught up in the fisherman’s nets but aren’t the popular fish, like halibut or salmon. This year, these underappreciated species, such as sea robin and wolf eel, will become more available. The aim is to get Americans to eat a wider range of seafood and to protect the balance of fish populations in our oceans.
  3. Cauliflower is the new ‘it’ vegetable: Kale is still in, but so is nutrient-rich cauliflower. It can often be substituted for starchier, higher-calorie potatoes in dishes and used in soups to make them creamy and rich (without any cream!)
  4. Introducing quinoa’s little cousin, kaniwa: Kaniwa is similar to quinoa, but slightly smaller. It cooks quickly and is high in protein.
  5. Fermented foods and drinks: Fermentation transforms flavors and textures of foods; milk is turned into creamy yogurt, cabbage into sauerkraut, and tea into kombucha. It’s a delicious addition to any healthy diet.

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