New Medicare Data Shows Differences in ACOs’ Patient Care

CMS has released the first public numbers from Medicare of how patient care is being affected by specific networks, most of which are Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). ACOs are the most prominent of Medicare’s experiments to change the way physicians and health care facilities work together and are paid. Medicare is tracking 33 different quality measures to see how well doctors coordinate with each other and whether patients are receiving the appropriate services.

Last Friday, CMS released data on five of these measures for 141 ACOs during 2012. Four of these measures evaluated how well the ACOs helped patients with diabetes, and the fifth measure examined how many patients with arteries packed with plaque received appropriate medicines to relax their blood vessels.

According to expert analysis of the data, the average ACOs reached their Medicare goals for 65 percent to 75 percent of their patients, depending on the measure.  ACOs did not perform as well as the 66 medical groups that are part of another Medicare quality program (click here to see those results).

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