Tiptastic Tuesday: 6 Facts About ACOs

  1. Only 6 percent of the nation’s population is enrolled in an ACO. However, certain states have a much higher population of citizens enrolled in ACOs than others.
  2. There are nine states that have more than 10 percent of their covered lives in an ACO. Oregon has the highest at 25 percent, mostly due to the state’s coordinated care organizations, or CCOs, for its Medicaid program.
  3. Twenty one percent of hospitals and health systems that have not yet joined an ACO plan on creating or joining one by the end of the year. 23 percent of hospitals and health systems do not plan to create or join an ACO in the near future.
  4. Out of all the early Medicare ACOs that have joined the program before fall 2012, only 46 percent involved a hospital. Of those that involved hospitals, the typical participant was a large, nonprofit teaching hospital.
  5. Of the ACOs that joined the Medicare Shared Savings Program before fall 2012, patients had 5.8 lower total costs of care ($7,694) than those not in an ACO ($8,164) at the baseline.
  6. ACO’s readiness for medication management has different variations. 70 percent of ACOs identified high readiness to transmit prescriptions electronically. Only 9 percent of ACOs reported high readiness for notifying a physician when a prescription is filled.

*Source: The Remington Report


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