Tiptastic Tuesday: 15 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are a time to celebrate and indulge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little health conscious while doing so.  Here are some simple strategies to prevent holiday weight gain and stay on track:

  1. Weigh yourself twice a week: Often enough to stay on track, but not too often where you take the fun out of holiday noshing.
  2. Exercise in the morning: It’ll help ensure better behavior all day.
  3. Be picky: Pick the foods you really enjoy and have them in moderation.
  4. Use willpower: Willpower is like a muscle. If you keep using it, you will get stronger.
  5. Avoid banking calories: Don’t starve yourself all day so you can indulge later.  Be sure to eat plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein to keep you satisfied.
  6. Concentrate on working out: It’s a good idea to maintain your fitness, even 15 minutes can help.
  7. Don’t swear off desserts: Just eat them in moderation.
  8. Avoid morning-after food: Send guests home with leftovers. Out of sight, out of mind.
  9. Drum some willpower: Try this simple trick. Place the thumb and fingers of one hand on your forehead, a half inch apart.  Tap each finger one at a time, once per second, telling yourself, “Hold on.”  Wait 15-20 minutes and the craving will disappear (according to Tufts University Research).
  10. Cut back on diet soda: It can lead to bloat and gas.
  11. Eat your water: Eat water rich foods like greens so you stay hydrated.
  12. Drink peppermint tea: It can help calm stomach muscles and reduce gas.  If you don’t like peppermint, try chamomile.
  13. Chew slowly: Eating fast can lead to overindulgence.
  14. Get some potassium: The nutrient counterbalances sodium which helps you retain less water.
  15. Keep calm and kick cravings.  Take deep breaths before you grab a plate.  There’s research that suggests that people who practice stress reduction techniques are able to prevent weight gain.

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