Tipastic Tuesday: How to Maintain an Excellent Online Reputation

The internet has opened many doors for consumers who are looking to find information about businesses and services.  Information not only spreads faster online, it also has a greater reach.  Therefore, it’s important for healthcare providers to be concerned about the accuracy of information prospective patients are finding out about their practices.  Negative reviews can cost you thousands of dollars by diverting patients from using your services. The following tips will make it easier for you to maintain an excellent online reputation:

  1. Google yourself and your practice: Perform monthly searches to find out what context your practice is being mentioned online.  Pay close attention and make note of whether the information accurately reflects your business and if so, address the specific issue at hand.
  2. Set up Google alerts: Set up alerts at www.google.com/alerts.  Google alerts inform you any time someone mentions your practice.  Simply pick a search query (e.g. Smith Family Practice), select “everything” for type of results you want to receive, decide how often you want to get the results, select how many relevant results you want to receive, and finally enter your email address.  You will start getting emails notifying you each time someone mentions your name.  You could use variations of your practice’s name to get better results.
  3. Update your directory listings: Patients use review sites such as Healthgrades and ZocDoc to find out information about physicians.  If you want patients to easily find you, make sure your information is updated and accurate.
  4. Ask your patients for reviews: Consumers value what other people say and if your practice is lacking reviews, it may be hurting your practice.  Ask existing, loyal patients to post comments about their experiences at your practice.

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