An Introduction to Social Media for Healthcare

In this growing technological age practically dominated by the internet, it’s important for individuals and organizations to make their presence known. Gone are the years of dependence on traditional media outlets and what’s replaced it is something on a higher magnitude: social media. Social media allows entities to expand their reach, immediacy, and frequency. It also comes in many forms: internet forums, web logs (blogs), social blogs, microblogging, wikis, social networks, podcasts, pictures, videos, and it’s continually growing.

So what does this mean for you, a healthcare provider? It means you can reach members in your community who can contribute to the growth of your organization. It means you can engage with your patients on a level that has never been achieved before. And it means that you are given a platform as an authority in which you can voice what you believe your patients should know whenever and wherever you are. An added bonus, it’s practically free!

HMS has expert, experienced staff committed to bringing you the tools you need to achieve success and we believe that social media is the up and coming vehicle to assist in meeting and exceeding your goals. In our upcoming series focused on social media, we will break down social media so that you can understand not only how important social media is, but also how you can apply it to your organization to keep moving forward.


2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Social Media for Healthcare

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