Connecticut Health Care System Redesign

State officials, as well as health care and insurance industry representatives, are formulating a plan to rebuild the way health care is delivered and paid for in Connecticut.  The primary purpose behind this redesign is to implement a system which improves the quality of health care and also the way private insurers and public programs, such as Medicare, pay for it.  Instead of paying for every service separately, as it is now, the new design seeks to benefit health care providers by reducing unnecessary services and instead focuses on improving the quality of care.

Many of those involved in the planning, as well as the critics agree that the health care system needs to change.  Providers are paid every time they perform a service, as opposed to when they improve a patient’s health.  Citing reasons such as uncoordinated care and unnecessary treatment, planners want a new system where outcomes are matched by costs.  However, they do not want to compromise the quality of care or provide insubstantial insurance.

Critics argue that the planning process lacks consumer input, giving doctors and other health care providers a financial stake which in turn hurts the patients.  They also worry that things could actually get worse for Medicaid patients, who already find it difficult to find doctors to treat them.  Critics state that providers lack the tools necessary to improve care.

Both planners and critics want a system which improves quality of care while cutting unnecessary costs.  The planning team is scheduled to meet again next week.

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