Tiptastic Tuesday: Beware of ACA Scammers

Consumer experts warn that the new legislation has created an opportunity for scammers to steal your financial, personal information—and even money. Fake marketplace exchanges have already been created but security experts warn that the problem will worsen as October 1st approaches.

How to Avoid Scams

  • There is no card associated with health care reform
  • There is no new Medicare card and you do not have to update any personal information.
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace doesn’t open until October 1, so you can’t buy coverage under the ACA until then.
  • Don’t respond to a cold call of any kind, especially one that asks for personal information or money.  And don’t trust your caller ID; it can be configured to look like the call is coming from a government office.
  • Don’t let anyone hurry you, the rates in the exchange have been pre-approved and won’t change during the initial enrollment period, October 1st to March 31st.

The FTC’s Lois Greisman urges you to file a complaint if you spot a problem, get a suspicious call or fall victim to a health care insurance con artist.

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