Help Promote Acceptance With Ella’s Way

Early Learning Leads to Acceptance (E.L.L.A.) is dedicated to educate young children about the concepts of diversity and disability in hopes of spreading acceptance to children when they begin to make new friendships.  The Ella’s Way program is comprised of picture books, educational materials and other products that discourage bullying and promote acceptance in a simple and age appropriate way.  Did you know that children with disabilities are 2-3 times more likely to be bullied than their non-disabled peers while 77% of students have reported being the victim of bullying? The organization is currently looking for corporate sponsors to purchase one or more packages to be donated to schools, youth organizations, daycares and other similar organizations. The donations would be tax-deductible, and all corporate sponsors would be recognized by Ella’s Way, including being promoted on the group’s website.

For more information please contact HMS or visit here


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