Kids’ Menus Fail To Offer Nutritional Options

HMS healthcare Management SolutionsAs many restaurants nationwide attempt to make strides in offering healthier fare on kids’ menus, new analysis finds most kids’ meals at top chain restaurants across the country are still failing to make the grade when it comes to good nutrition. In fact, 91% of meals at those chains do not meet the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell menu standards.

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Study: Nursing Homes Can Achieve High Quality, Cost Efficiency

According to a national study recently released in Healthcare Management Reviewresearchers from Central Michigan University and Virginia Commonwealth University concluded nursing homes in the United States are generally efficient and able to control expenses without sacrificing quality of care.

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Many Facing Loss Of Telehealth Medicare Benefits

The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) is reporting many Medicare recipients could lose coverage for telehealth benefits due to expected updates to federal urban/rural categorizations. The updates would impact beneficiaries in 97 counties across 36 states and realign populations in certain areas, which could impacting hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.

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CT Hospitals Rank Among Nation’s Best

Becker’s Hospital Review has released its 2013 annual list of 100 Great Hospitals awarded to organizations which routinely display innovation in the areas of medical treatment, research, technology and delivery of care.

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Benefits Of Docs, Patients Communicating Via Email

HMS Healthcare Management SolutionsFewer than one-third of physicians surveyed report exchanging email messages with patients last year. One theory is email exchanges between patient and physician appeal more to patients than to time-strapped docs.

But doctors who do use email to communicate with patients describe some impressive benefits to incorporating electronic communication into their practices.

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Despite Alternatives, Hospital Deaths Not Rapidly Declining

New data from the National Center for Health Statistics show the number of people who died in the hospital has fallen just 8% over 10 years, despite a big emphasis on letting people die in hospice or at home and most of the decrease appears to be from an overall drop in many types of death.

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White House: Cutting Medicare Will Only Shift Costs

Addressing the nation’s budget deficit by cutting Medicare will simply shift health care costs to the private sector and not address underlying issues, Obama administration officials said yesterday at a White House briefing. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Medicare and Medicaid are not the reason health costs are going up.

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Most Babies Being Fed Solids Too Soon

HMS Healthcare Management SolutionsAccording to a study released yesterday in Pediatrics, mothers may be starting their infants on solid foods too early, mistakenly believing their children are old enough to graduate from breast milk or formula. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who surveyed 1,334 new moms discovered

93% of women introduce solid foods to their infants before 6 months and 40% did it before the 4-month mark. Child-nutrition experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recommend waiting until little ones are at least 6 months old before offering them solid foods.

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NY Received $27.5M In Improper Medicaid Payments

Federal regulators at the Department for Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) say the state of New York took nearly $27.5 million in improper Medicaid payments. A report issued earlier today found 84 out of 100 Medicaid claims submitted did not comply with federal and state regulations.

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Tiptastic Tuesday: Billing With Unlisted Procedure Codes

Occasionally, it is necessary to bill for procedures and services without an established code.  Payors will often deny these claims if they don’t meet certain requirements or they may provide reimbursement at a lower amount than your patient deserves.  Below are some tips for getting around these potential hurdles:

  • Be Prepared:  Before submitting a clai9m with an unlisted procedure code, contact your payor directly and ask about the info that must be provided when billing. Some carriers have their own forms for unlisted services and procedures and they won’t consider other proof of documentation.
  • Suggest A Payment: It’s best to request a specific reimbursement amount with your claim for an unlisted procedure. As justification for the charge, include documentation for a similar procedure code or service. Describe how the procedures compare in terms of difficulty and necessity to make your case.
  • Approaching Denials: If you do receive a denial, reach out to the payor again. You may need to include more specific info, such as x-ray reports or lab reports, for your claim to paid.